Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Organized Wednesday---By Seana

So my fridge doesn't always look like this, and if it did the part of my life centered around meal prep for my family may not always be so stressful.  I dream of the day when my children help me prepare meals and set the table and we all sit down to a healthy meal, laugh and share our day. However lately it's been just the opposite.  My kids fighting over who's stirring, or flipping, and don't even get me started on their fighting at the table.

I used to love cooking and being creative in the kitchen, but that was before I become an exhausted mom to a baby girl who hated and still hates most food.  And as much as I love my husband, his comments of  "This would be really great, if next time you put bacon in it", and the fact that he scrapes most of the vegetables I  painstakingly cut up, in the trash, send me through the roof! 

Something had to change so, I spent much of the day on Sunday cleaning out an organizing my fridge. I cut up veggies and bagged them so they will be ready for me to wash and throw into what ever I'm making. The thing I hate most about cooking is the prep time and mess.  I hope this will help me to more quickly prepare healthy meals. We have so much going on most evenings, between homework, dance class, singing lessons and cub scouts, that I find myself completely stressed out and scrambling at meal time.

I have also added cork board squares to the area above my stove.  I hope to start a list of what we are having each day and the recipe and just tack them up. This way even if my husband has to start dinner it will be so much easier.

I found these great plastic bags that zip in three different places so that if I just have a little bit af a couple things I can store them in one gallon sized bag.  These bags are also BPA free!
I have read in more than one place that storing your food in glass containers is the way to go.  However I have two kids who are always in the fridge, and can just imagine them smashing one and ending up with stitches. So for right now we will stick with plastic.  We are also trying to keep more money in the bank these days so I opted for using things I already have around the house, like yogurt and cottage cheese containers.

My almost nine year old daughter and six year old son have begun expressing their independance, they want to get more of their own snacks and drinks.  So I rearranged the door to include some yogurts, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, etc, that they can just grab for themselves.  My daughter loves fruit, but I always throw so much of it away, because things like kiwi or strawberries require washing, and cutting and it just doesn't get done. Now that I have it all washed and cut up, she can get it herself!

This is just one small step in my battle against no time and too much stress, but I know it will lead me to another and another and pretty soon I will be at the top of my staircase.

If you have any great food organization or prep tips please share!

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  1. When my kids were little, I kept all of the pans and mixing bowls up high so that I could store plates and bowls down low so they could reach them. That way the little ones could get their own breakfast.

    I also bought inexpensive clear plastic "canisters" and store them upside down in our deep drawers for keeping things orgnanized, cereals, dry beans, pasta, etc. You can see through the clear bottoms of the canisters.

    1. What great ideas, I think I will try putting my plates and bowls lower. My kids are always asking me to reach them and this way they can do it themselves. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Seana, I love your dedication to tackling the "sticky spots" in your life--we all have them! And by the way, I have been in your fridge on many occasions when you weren't expecting a visitor and I am always so impressed by how gleaming it is! Not to mention organized and full of healthy choices. I love your idea about reusing yogurt containers and the like, recently I saved and washed out salsa jars and pickle jars, because I too would love to switch to all glass storage containers...but I'm on a budget too! Finally, last summer our family attended an art festival and watched a group of "Veggie Acrobats" put on a fun show for kids about healthy eating--among other things, we learned that you can actually eat the skin of Kiwi! We thought that sounded just weird enough to try, we did and now the kids love eating them that way!!

    1. Tamar, I love the idea of re using your glass containers so smart AND thrifty!


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