Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PMS Cravings -- Liz Lovely Cookies and Giveway

Last month I started a new monthly feature- see my blog on nutrition bars. The idea is to indulge my monthly PMS food cravings but in a slightly healthier, more mindful way- foregoing the highly processed, artificial sweet treats with alternatives that still satisfy but are made with less sugar, whole grains and possibly offer some nutritional value.

I present to you Liz Lovely Cookies. In the mail I received a box containing their new Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate (drizzle…) They are 100% wheat, dairy and egg free. I’ve enjoyed a fair number of their cookies in my day and I have to say they are among my favorite brand, flavor, texture and size= yummy perfection. Gluten free can be tricky to get right, but I had no doubt Liz and her crew would come up with something fantastic.

Me and my tasters were delighted by all the cookie goodness. First we sampled the Peanut Butter, it was like a giant Reese’s Peanut butter cup only much, much better and did I mention bigger? Liz Lovely’s Cookies will leave you wanting more because they are so tasty, but the size really does satisfy. The chocolate wasn’t waxy, but smooth and flavorful. The peanut butter was soft and moist. It was so, so good.

Next up was the Chocolate Chip- another winner. The cookies are so soft and chewy. Everyone loved them and I am certain next time a PMS craving hits I will go directly to the store and get my hands on a bag. There are two in each package- one intended for yourself and the other for a friend, but when I’m fiending for something sweet during my Ladies Holiday you’ll have to excuse me, because I won’t share.

The original Liz Lovely Cookies in all their glory, including Cowgirl and Cowboy cookies, Chocolate Moose Dragons, Gingersnap Dragons and so many more plus the new Gluten Free assortment, such as, Chocolate Fudge, German Chocolate Cake, Coconut Mint (the next one I want to try!) and Triple Chocolate Mint (plus a few others) are available on their website or click here for a list of vendors near you. You can order them by the case which seems like a really good idea (plus they use environmentally friendly packaging. The packing peanuts really did dissolve in water- like magic! A cookie box sampler or cream or peanut butter filled sandwich cookies smothered in chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels are also available. Did I mention it is all vegan? You can also order gift cards for your lady friends who you know would appreciate a cookie gift come that time of the month. I know I would…wink, wink.

If I’d had the mind at the time, I would have warmed the Chocolate Chip cookies in the oven for a couple minutes and I can only imagine the ecstasy that would have followed. But lucky for you readers, I used a kind of self-control I didn’t know I had and saved the two extra packages sent to me to offer to you as a GIVEAWAY. Please fill like us on Facebook, friend us on Twitter and leave a lovely comment below and we will choose one of you lucky duckies to win a package of both of Liz’s Lovely Cookies- the Peanut Butter with dark chocolate and the Chocolate Chip. I know it is so exciting!

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Your lovely cookie monster,

*Please note I was not compensated monetarilly for this review.

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  1. Lovely cookies! Thanks for the giveaway.



  2. Oh my goodness I would love to try this cookies :)

  3. Thank you for entering and the twitter mention!!

  4. I love Liz Lovely's gluten free cookies! Amazing!!!

  5. Ooo... count me in! I follow on Twitter and like you on Facebook. Thank you so much for offering such a yummy giveaway. :)

    Twitter: @normawatson
    Facebook: Cindy A.

  6. Thanks for the yummy giveaway


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