Monday, April 9, 2012

In the Mix Monday -- Againbags Review

*UPDATE: Jenn- owner & founder of Againbags has kindly offered Ladies Holiday readers a 20% discount on purchases. Just use ACTIVE20 when checking out!!

Againbags were created by Jenn, a mom, who’d packed countless lunches for her children and didn't feel good about all the plastic bags heading straight for the landfill where they would remain for years and years to come.
Jenn’s philosophy of “reducing plastic baggies one lunch at a time” has proved itself worthy of praise and practicality. Recently in the mail I received an assortment of againbags to try. When I first introduced my kids to reusable containers, water bottles and other snack holders (Easter eggs for instance) I explained why all the plastic and non-biodegradable waste wasn’t healthy for the environment. They quickly got on board and were thrilled by the introduction of againbags into the mix.

The medium sized apple pattern coated fabric was the biggest hit making lunch a bit more fun and dare I say, fashionable.

I snagged the dark blue small active bag for myself, but assured the kids it was just temporary, you know for blogging purposes. I filled it with a stash of almonds- which I must have on hand so I don’t find myself hungry and without a healthy snack when I’m out. The two ply construction of the bag itself kept the almonds (or anything else you I might put in there) from getting crushed at the bottom of my often very full shoulder bag.
Due to some unseasonably warm late winter weather my family and I took a hike with a picnic and I packed corn chips in the lighter blue large active bag. Which was the perfect size for our chips (with salsa) portion. The good news is, they too remained whole in the durable bag during our ascent.
The good news about againbags is they are not only enviro-friendly because they are replacing plastic baggies, they are hand sewn in the USA, made free of harmful BPA, lead and phthalates (commonly found in traditional plastics) and are easily washed in the laundry.
Againbags are also purveyors of other great items; including several other sizes and styles of baggies also sold in sets (the patterns are great!) The functionality of the lunch wrap makes them my personal favorite. The cleverly formed fabric wraps around the sandwich, seals and then opens to serve as a place mat. These are also sold in a set along with a small sandwich baggie perfect for the kids and adults. Similar in design the "again board" is a take-it-with you fabric chalkboard perfect to entertain in restaurants, while traveling or just for fun. These would make a unique gift. Just sayin'.
Againbags not only provide a great product, they also give back to Ample Harvest, an organization working to eliminate hunger. I like to know that my purchases do the double duty of also supporting my beliefs in environmentalism, supporting small businesses and giving back to the community. Againbags are also available for fundraising, including having your school, organization or team’s name or logo printed on them.
I feel really good about the againbags mission from start to finish and urge you to check them out and begin replacing your plastic with reusable or simply add a few of the stylish and functional bags to your collection. Againbags are affordable which also helps ease the transition, financially, from plastic to reusable. Overtime  (and not too much tiime) they pay for themselves because you don't have to buy plastic baggies anymore.
Againbags can be purchased online, in select retail locations and you can follow the Tasty Travels of againbags Blog, Facebook and twitter: @againbags

Forever Green,

*I was not compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. I'm sold! What a great review, filled with useful info. I love everything about these bags. What a great way to save the enviroment, save money and make lunch and snack time more fun.

  2. how cute! if only i was still packing lunch :/

    1. To keep in the back of your mind...for snacks or whatevs.

  3. I love products like this. Anyway to create less waste is a huge plus for me.

    Thanks for such a good review.

    Also congrats on sourdough success. It is indeed just delicious!

    1. I feel so much better about packing lunches when I know it will all come back home and be used again. Again bags also have a spot on the tag to write your child's name. So smart...

  4. I love the bag!!!! I so dislike buying the plastic baggies
    and my daughter who takes a lunch to school says the sandwich always takes so unfresh when it sits in those bags . so I will be buying againabags just love them.
    what a great Idea!!!!

  5. I absolutely love these! I was just wondering earlier today why a reusable bag hasn't been made to replace the disposable ones. I'm thrilled. My only question is how should they be cleaned/washed?

    1. So glad you like the againbags. They are super easy to clean: You can spot clean with a warm rag/soap and water or I just turn them inside out and put them in with the towel load. So easy and my kids like the fact that theire bags are fun. Enjoy! Also notice there is still a discount!


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