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In the Mix Monday: Ladies in the Know with Laurie Gerber

Photo by Kwaku Alston
Courtesy of Experience Life Magazine

The Ladies in the Know series presents women who’ve probed their awareness, identified important aspects of their lives that demanded attention and took action to uplift themselves through connecting to their inner wisdom and following it. They are writers, athletes, cooks, healers, mothers, musicians, designers and more. They’ve shared what they’ve learned thereby making an impact on the lives of many women the world over. We admire their strength and courage, their intelligence and contribution to our lives. We seek to know how their vision came about and how they manifested their dreams. We wish to be closer to their nexus of empowerment. But at the end of the day when our heroes take off their capes, they are people just like us. And lest we forget that we too have the capacity to reach great heights, I’ve asked these Ladies in the Know to record their first thoughts, in brief, to ten questions, as a mini-interview of sorts, to for both insight and for fun. 

This month we hear from the inimitable LaurieGerber, President of Handel Group® Life Coaching, an international coaching company, which specializes in teaching individuals to take focused and powerful action in every area of their lives. Passionate about personal development, Laurie has dedicated the last 15 years to coaching hundreds of individuals and leading large groups at Kripalu Center, Esalen Institute, Equinox Fitness, Soho House, the JCC of Manhattan, Natural Health Magazine’s Women’s Wellness Weekends and Menla Mountain Retreat. She regularly blogs for The Daily Love, Huffington Post, Crazy Sexy Wellness, Dr. Frank Lipman and HGLC’s own weekly newsletter. She has recently completed filming a MTV True Life show, I'm Getting a Second Chance, premiering April 15, 2012.

I’ve been following Laurie’s blogs and her work with some of my favorite yoga teachers for some time now. It is on my bucket list to work with her (or more likely one of her Handel Group colleagues- you can see she is a busy lady.) Laurie may very well be a ninja on top of her other credentials. She’s like Mr. Miyagi, only with really great hair. From what I’ve seen she has the ability to draw the truth out of her clients or perhaps in true ninja style allows clients to see the truth within themselves. I admire her no-nonsense truth seeking style, even though it scares the heck out of me, but I suppose that’s a good thing, maybe even the point. Laurie answers ten questions with her first thoughts...

Photo by Kwaku Alston
Courtesy of Experience Life Magazine

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I have to get the kids to the bus. Oh and the joy I take in checking my email and making the world a better place every day.

What is your daydream destination?

My bed at night with my best friend, my husband.

What would you tell your teenage/younger self if you could?

You are so damn powerful, stop pretending you're not.

What would you remind your elderly/future self if you could?

It's never too late or a bad time to design any aspect of life. Make time for those grandkids, it'll be fun.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Always seems to be the last time I got nailed by my coach for being selfish, throwing a tantrum, covering something up or being otherwise (dark) human.

What is your proudest moment?

I know it's yet to come but giving birth was pretty great. I am more into moment by moment pride based on Personal Integrity®, though fleeting moments based on accomplishments can be fun.

Favorite food?

Easy, chocolate, though I don't eat it often.

Favorite word? 


Favorite hobby/activity?

Coaching people.

Please share one bit of inspiration, insight or wisdom with women…

Telling the truth is the most important skill you can learn. Please make it your business.

Bonus: Only answer if you’d like: Is there a Lady in the Know you’d like to share with us, a woman who has influenced you in a positive way? If so, who and how?

Lauren Zander, inventor of the Handel Method® is my greatest influence (besides my parents whom I adore). She never lets up on urging me to realize my dreams, bust my excuses and live true to my ideals. Plus, she is about the bravest, happiest, most insightful person I've ever known and I really admire those qualities.

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Thank you Laurie for taking the time to offering us your insight and thoughts!

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  1. I like her "tell the truth" statement. I find life is so much easier (for everyone involved) if you just tell the truth.

    Thanks for such a great interview and introduction to a new blog :)

  2. Love what you said about your husband being your favorite destination!

    1. And I love that you call your pups your furbabies!


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