Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Friday--Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
     We like to keep it simple here on Fridays with just a photo or two. Since this is the last day of our party themed week I thought it might be appropriate to offer some final food for thought as well. Here at Ladies Holiday we believe in trying to find ways to celebrate the every day. We have all heard the cliches about the wonders of a positive attitude, and they're all true! If you have a party-mentality in your approach to your day it can be a lot more fun to live life--I don't mean to be irresponsible and forget the to-do list, I just mean try and have fun. Put a smile on your face! Here are some examples:

  • I like to go to and play happy children's music during breakfast on days when it seems like my kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed in order to set a better mood.
  • I also like to throw on my own music station from Pandora while cleaning my house, I crank it up loud and dance my way through the dusting. It's more fun that way, I get some good cardio, and it just cheers me up!
  • Taking my lunch out to the porch with a good book or magazine on a nice day, even if I scarf it down in 5 minutes and then move on to my to-do list again, is a short little party for one that can make a big difference in how I feel about my day.
  • Letting the kids eat after school snack outside is a big deal to them and makes them feel like they are having a party when the neighborhood friends wander over to sit with them too.
  • We get our trash removal stickers at our local convenient store a few blocks away, when I have to go pick some up I've been known to turn that into a family "party" in which we all walk over instead of driving and the kids get a treat like a string cheese or a $0.79 slushy if I'm feeling really generous. Little thing to me, big deal to them.
  • On a rare night when you can get out with your honey or with your pals to enjoy a meal together, or a much anticipated movie this can feel like a party too!
     Point being, enjoy each moment by making it a "party" if even in the simplest or most unconventional sense of the word. I'll end with our obligatory Friday photo and say thanks for joining us and getting to know us this week. We hope you've been inspired, had some chuckles, and will be back again!
A "party" outing to see The Hunger Games. L-R Deirdre, Tamar, and Christine. Our Seana was sorely missed!

*Please also note our banner change for the weekend in honor of Earth Day--Go Green! 

Until Next Week,
The Ladies 
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  1. A short little lunch party sounds good to me. I think that's exactly what I need on my busy days. And I love the celebratory header! So cute!


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