Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resolution & Revolution - April

Resolution: A firm decision to do or not do something.
Revolution: 1.) Completion also: the period made by the regular succession of a measure of time. 2.) Radical or complete change.

Last month the facet of my life I approached with diligence was my desire to be a writer and in order to do that, I reasoned, I simply needed to write every day. I know it isn’t that simple, but nearly so and it all starts with pen to paper or fingers to typepad.
For March, I challenged myself to write every day- the original post here. Because this is what I love to do, it wasn’t hard mentally, it was exciting even, but making the time to get in the chair, in front of the computer or with a journal in a quiet place has often proved to be the challenge. But with an arsenal of determination I succeeded victoriously this month.
Each day I did one of the following: blogged, kept a journal or worked on the very first draft of a new young adult fiction manuscript: over 20,000 words, not too shabby. I’m patting myself on the back, heartily, but that’s thing, it feels good to have done this and to know when set to the disciplined task of translating thought to words, to sentences to paragraphs to story or article, I am able to follow through.
For April, I’m going to move back into the body, which of course is deeply and dearly related to the mind and heart, by bringing attention and action to taking care of this vessel through diet and exercise. I wrote briefly about my ideas about diet on a What I AteWednesday post a couple weeks back.
For those of us in the northeast, as the layers of heavy coats, sweaters, long sleeves and clunky Ugg boots are shed a layer of winter-weight gain is revealed. I don’t criticize myself for this. I believe it is simply a natural response to try to stay a little bit warmer in the cold months. We move less, eat more and even though I joke that I go into hibernation, in some ways I sort of do.
But now that spring has arrived I will prepare for the summer months of sunshine, activity and time spent at the beach, not bundled in a puffy coat, jeans and furry boots, but a bathing suit. My family and I hike, bike, swim and surf and I want to feel good in my skin and have the energy to keep going during the longer and activity filled days.
This month I will begin to scale back on the baking and replace hearty baked meals with fresher, lighter fare. But it will be gradual and only when the weather and temperature indicates warmth, today it feels mighty chilly. Progressively over the month, recipes like roasted veggies with rice will be replaced with stir-fries or grilled veggies with rice, loaded baked potatoes will be replaced with spicy peanut noodles and muffins and scones will be replaced with fruit and smoothies with more frequency.
On the fitness front I will increase the length of time I spend doing yoga and with a more vigorous practice and make time for cardiovascular exercise. Spring is a lovely season, but again here in the northeast, a marked time of change. For me change, even the good kind requires a period of adjustment. I sometimes find myself getting anxious as I shift gears and as they say, “Heat up the body to cool down the mind.” Meaning, when we get moving brain chemicals are released that make our minds calmer. So for this reason I will make a gradual, but committed change to "eat smart and move more."
If you’d like to join me please leave a comment below or share your thoughts on what measures you take to adjust to seasonal changes.

In body, mind and heart,
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