Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Volvo XC90

I first fell in love with the XC90, when I received an email from Volvo, just before the movie New Moon was released.  They were inviting Twilight fans to play computer games based on the movie, to win the car.  Of course, me and about 100 million other fans all had the same goal on our minds.  So... when I didn't win the XC90, I decided I would just have to get one myself.  Of course it looks like it might be a little while before it's actually parked in my driveway. 

I love everything about this car, it has so many options! As a mom who loves to go on road trips, but does not love the fighting from the back seat, I especially like the entertainment options.  Dual dvd players in the headrests of the front seats.  Which means that my kids can watch separate movies, no more fighting over what to watch. But that's not all, they also have wireless headphones, so mom and dad can talk without shouting over the movies. You can even plug in additional things, like ipods, video cameras, etc. There's just too much to mention. There is satellite radio, which means we can listen to radio Disney, a favorite of ours.  And on our road trips music is an important part of our fun.

My son who is six, is partial to the built in booster seat, that pulls out of the middle seat in the second row.  He can see so much more from this position, and feel like a big boy, since he doesn't have to sit in his usual bulky booster. Jack keeps asking when we can buy it, he even offered up some of his own money to help with the cost.  Sometimes he is just too cute for words. 

I also love the 5 year or 50,000 mile maintenance plan, which includes everything but gas and tires. How awesome is that, someone else changes your oil for free! There are tons of safety features, air bags, and roll protection.  There is even a great air filtration system. The entire vehicle is 85% recyclable at the end of it's useful life, and I believe they also use a water based paint.  I love this car and this company, they even tested the materials used in the interior for allergens or harmful substances.  Even the metal used in the interior is tested for contact allergies. Volvo is always trying to stay on top of how they can build better cars that impact the environment less.

I currently drive a Honda Odyssey minivan, which I absolutely love, but the Volvo XC90 would be a great way to transition into something a little less large and a bit more stylish. It would still offer the seven passenger seating, and the option to fold down the third row.  We could easily fit our family of four and two dogs for adventurous road trips. There is just something about a good road trip, our family really is at it's best when we are on the move.  It's like all of a sudden we get along better, we laugh more, even when we get lost or are stuck in traffic.  It's almost magical, I'm sure that having our dream car would make it even more fun.

We stopped by our local Volvo dealership for a test drive, I must give a shout out to Mike who helped us.  When I told him we wanted to take a test drive for a blog post, he was so helpful, and completely removed his pushy salesman hat, if he even wears one, he was just so nice!  As soon as I sat in the seat, I knew I had been dreaming about this car for a reason.  It felt so natural to be sitting behind the wheel of this vehicle.  My husband even said I looked perfect in it, like it was made for me.  I felt as though my family had just stepped into our second home.

 We love the the tailgating feature, you just open the main door and pull down the bottom and you are all set for, fireworks, watching sports, eating lunch, whatever. If you have little ones you could just leave the bottom part up so they are a little more secure, adult supervision always suggested of course.

This vehicle is totally worth picking up bottles and cans on the side of the road to save up for the down payment.  Depending on the options and if it's pre owned, is probably just as affordable as any other vehicle.  So Volvo if you are reading this and would like to donate an XC90 to my family to test out on road trips, so I can blog about our experience, I'm ready!

I just want to mention that I was in no way compensated by Volvo for this review, it was completely voluntary.  You can ask my friends, and family I have been talking about this car for years, all on my own!

   May all your road trips be filled with fun!

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