Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Sound of Silence?

Photo by Ross Hamilton
Have you ever thought about how much noise you tolerate in your day? If you work in an office, there is the constant clicking of keyboards, phones ringing, people talking, doors closing. If you live on a busy street, the traffic, people walking by and sirens screaming. Just being at home, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, the refrigerator door, the toilet flushing, your family talking to you. While driving or during your commute, the noise of being on the road and the car itself can be maddening. And the one that's the hardest to escape, that lovely voice in your head that NEVER seems to shut up! 

You sit down to have a break and what do you do, hop on the computer, turn the tv on, check your cell phone for messages, or listen to music? I have found that this is not real quiet time. Do you ever feel at the end of your day like you are just completely overwhelmed, wanting to escape to a hot bath or your bed with all the lights off? How much of this is due to all the noise pollution you experienced throughout your day? I recently read an article in O Magazine about the beauty of silence, it really opened my eyes, and ears. I thought about it, listened carefully to my environment and discovered that I really am overwhelmed by all the noise in my daily life. 

The article was about Gordon Hempton, an acoustic ecologist.  He is seeking to get recognition for one square inch of the Hoh Valley, in Washington's Olympic National Park for it's quiet. He is passionate about the beauty of nature's peaceful sounds. His recordings are spectacular! If you close your eyes and just listen, you feel as though you are part of the scene. You feel like you are really at the beach watching the sun dance on the waves, you can almost feel the sand under your feet. You are witness to the thunderstorm that's rolling through the rain forest, it's so steamy you can feel the moisture on your skin.

I would love to see Gordon Hempton and Ross Hamilton get together and make a video.  I think these two would complement each other very well.  Ross has an incredible eye for beautiful pictures that feed your soul and take you immediately to a different place. Gordon has the same gift with sound. 

I have been working with an accupressurist to help me reduce the stress in my life. She recommended bringing more nature into my home, by way of pictures, plants, fountains and sound.  This to me feels like a great way to start, it's so much easier to relax in an enviroment that promotes peace and tranquility.

We could all use a break, a mini vacation each day. Unfortunatley that is easier said than done for most of us. But what about 15 minutes a day with a beautiful picture, and some amazing sound to go with it? You can listen to nature while driving, or on your break from work. What about in the background as you read to your kids at night? What about nature screen savers and wall paper for your computer? I'm going to work on this, creating a small sacred space where I can post beautiful pictures, and listen to the soothing sound of nature. This is a great alternative to the unrealistic notion of abandoning your life completely for the silence of a mountain top.

If you are like so many of us out there, trying to heal from something, trying to create space in your mind, body and spirit for good things to come to you, nature is an important key. It's an affordable way to transform your living space into a haven.  Especially if you are like most of us who spend entire days in front of the computer, how often do you actually step outside to sit under a tree or put your feet in the grass?

If you have been sitting next to the loudest person in your office all day, you just got off the phone with your sister, who complained the whole time, it's 5:00 and you still haven't eaten lunch yet, you had an emotional breakthrough while at your therapist office, or your collicy baby screamed all day. Your soul might just find some peaceful nature sounds soothing. While you have been comforting everyone else all day, your kids, your spouse, your clients, your boss, who's been comforting you?  How about letting Mother Nature give it a try.

Want to know what Mother Nature is saying here?

Photo by Ross Hamilton

Or what this sounds like?

Photo by Ross Hamilton

How about this?
Photo by Ross Hamilton

These incredible photos are courtesy of Ross Hamilton.  I just spoke to him, asking for permission to use these.  He is such a delightful man! And why wouldn't he be when he is so often in the presence of Mother Nature's natural beauty. Check him out on Facebook, he has many, many beautiful sites to share with you. You can find Gordon's recordings on itunes, or if you have an android like me Amazon's MP3 App.

Open yourself up to the beauty and nurturing sounds and sights of nature and who knows maybe you'll find peace and tranquility within!


               Sorry, I just can't stop, these photos are just too beautiful!
Photo by Ross Hamilton

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