Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIAW -- Veg it Up!

It's time for another What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jenn of Peas and Crayons (click the badge above to see her site). Today I'm offering up some more of my good eats from this month dedicated to veggin' it up at (almost) every meal, and I've tacked on some recipes too!

I'm going to do this a bit out of order, I am saving today's breakfast for last. It doesn't include any veg, but it was too delightful not to share. First though...lunch and dinner...

Here's a LUNCH I made over the weekend recently. I've been spoiled by the fact that my kids eat lunch at school all week, so on the weekends I often end up scratching my head when trying to think of what to make for a mid-day meal that's not just for me. On this particular Saturday, I had a lot of random things that I wanted to use up and I ended up creating a really delicious salad packed with nutrition and it was easy peasy:

Kale, chopped
Granny Smith Apple, diced
Yellow Summer Squash, sliced
1 14.5 oz can Organic Garbonzo beans
Sesame Seeds kernals

Mix equal parts olive oil and vinegar
 (I used a home-made rosemary vinegar that was gifted to me)
Sea Salt and Pepper
1 minced Shallot
a drizzle of agave nectar

This salad was even better on day two when the flavors had a chance to mingle in the fridge!

Here's a DINNER that I recently made, again created out of the necessity to use up some random veg. One of my first stops in the grocery store is the scratch and dent shelf, then I zip over to the back of the produce department to check out the cart full of produce that is on the less-fresh side. It's still perfectly good and SO cheap. You do have to use it up quickly, but with 6 people in our home that isn't hard at all! This is my version of a Philly-Cheese-Steak...without the steak, I call it "The Turkey Bomb!":

 Orange sweet bell pepper, diced
2 stalks organic celery, diced
1 package baby bella mushrooms, diced
1 shallot, diced
 Saute in Olive Oil and Butter 
(those two are friends, butter won't burn with Olive Oil)
until crisp-tender

 Meanwhile, chop some
Kale and tomatoes
(you'll use them later)
and place in a bowl
 Add already cooked and scrambled ground turkey 
until well combined, plus Salt end Pepper to taste
reduce heat and simmer
 Create a tangy dressing for your Kale and Tomatoes
I used: Olive Oil, 
Rosemary vinegar,
sea salt,
Onion powder
 Toss dressing and fresh veg, set aside
 Place a stack of corn tortillas in a towel and
microwave for 1 minute
 While tortillas are heating,
cover meat and veg with shredded cheese. Turn off heat 
and cover with lid for a moment to allow cheese to get all 
melty and good.
 scoop hot fixin's into the center of warm tortilla
top with fresh fixin's
 Eat and Enjoy
 Turkey Bomb!

Now for my breakfast surprise...
I found this recipe for Overnight Oats in a Jar from the wonderful Bonzai Aphrodite and made my slight adaptation (below.) Deirdre actually told me about it during a recent "Cookie Butter Intervention" that Deirdre and Christine imposed upon me during one of our nightly KIK chats (all in good fun of course!) Deirdre, having had her own luscious love moments with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, knew that when I reached the bottom of the jar my frenzy for every last lick of the lovely stuff might pose a problem as I can't actually fit my face into the jar. 

That's when she turned me on to the genius of Overnight Oats in a Jar, a way to salvage those last morsels.  If it isn't already clear, Cookie Butter and I are having a sordid affair...and I don't feel a bit guilty about it!! What is Cookie Butter, you ask? Get thee to Trader Joe's!!!! It's in the nut-butter section...but it's not a nut's Speculoos...what is that, you ask? Darned if I know! But if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right...EVER AGAIN! Anyway...onto the BREAKFAST:

 You take the jar with it's bits of nut-butter 
(or Cookie Butter) remains...I didn't leave much
Add 1 part oats (I ran out of regular so used
a packet of instant oats and flax)
 Two parts liquid (I used Almond-Coconut Milk)
and some yogurt (check out my honkin big
5lb container of whole milk yogurt 
that I buy at my local 
Indian Grocery storefor $5!)
 Cover and shake! Place in fridge overnight.
 In the a.m. you have a ready to eat yummy breakfast treat!
I think I used a bit too much liquid, it tasted fine but was too 
soupy for my liking so I added an extra packet of oats
this morning and set back in the fridge for an hour.
The final result was superb!

I hope you've enjoyed the recipes and another What I Ate Wednesday! It's been fun. Speaking of food...stay tuned in coming weeks for updates on my Vegetable Garden Adventure. If you want to see how I started check out these posts here and here. Until then...

Your Cookie Butter Addict, 

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  1. I am totally and helplessly addicted to cookie butter! Definitely a good thing my face doesn't fit in the jar ;)

  2. oh those Oats in a Jar look so chewy! Delicious:)!

    I have yet to try Cookie Butter, but EVERYONE has been eating it lately! I can't wait to get my hands on some! It looks incredible:)

  3. Well that is indeed an incredible idea for breakfast.

    I have yet to try the cookie butter, although I eye it each time I am at Trader Joe's.

    My favorite item you had was KALE! I how I love this stuff.


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