Thursday, May 10, 2012

Every Mother Counts

     The day I became a mother my world changed. All of that looking inside at myself turned to looking outside at my child, this would later morph back into another form of looking at myself. I have spent countless hours during the past 9 years of motherhood examining how and who I would be as a mother, in addition standing in awe, fear, love, and helplessness at my children wondering how they are so wonderful and how I can ever be all that they deserve. In any case, motherhood has meant...I can't even find words for all that it's meant, but it has given me a purpose unlike any I've felt before. There is a wonderful line that I often recall from the film Anywhere But Here starring Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman as a mother and daughter navigating the ups and downs of what is often one of the most complicated relationships of a woman's life. At one point, Sarandon's character while speaking about her daughter, proclaims through desperate tears "She's the reason I was born!" This is how I have felt each time I've given birth to one of my children, they are my reason for being. I was meant to mother them, just as being their mother has had meaning and value for my own personal development, a value that will serve me even after they've grown, and moved out, and don't need me in the same way anymore...or maybe even at all.

     While my experience as a daughter has left me with feelings about Mother's Day matching closely with Deirdre's, I know that all of us here at Ladies Holiday, share a sense of reverence and appreciation for our own roles as mothers that makes up the sweet part of the bitter-sweetness that mother's day sometimes carries.

     Mother's Day this year seems especially bittersweet to us at Ladies Holiday as we've recently been made aware of a global crisis in maternal healthcare. Christy Turlington (on Twitter @CTurlington), is a woman whom you may know as a model; however, she also happens to be a yogi, an author, an advocate, founder of Every Mother Counts, and director/producer of the documentary film No Woman, No Cry.


    Turlington is on a mission to address the issue of maternal healthcare and to affect change through her foundation Every Mother Counts ( From her website I learned that every 90 seconds a woman dies from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth. In many cases these deaths are preventable. As a mother, who values this gift of motherhood as I do, and simply as a human who values life, it saddens me to no end knowing that these women will never get to celebrate a Mother's Day. That is why we at Ladies Holiday want to spread the word about Christy Turlington's foundation and her campaign this year called No Mother's Day. We know it may not be for everyone, and as is mentioned in the following video, it won't be easy. But whether or not you choose to participate in No Mother's Day, please take a moment to go to Every Mother Counts and consider ways that you might get involved, or that you might raise your voice for those who cannot raise their own.

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  1. Now I am crying. Lovely, thanks for sharing. I really like Christy, she is a great advocate. I even forgave her for marrying my dream man :)

    1. Christy really does rock! I know what you mean about the crying...I was sitting in my car watching the video on YouTube on a cold night at my son's baseball practice (I know, hiding in the warmth of my car, for shame!) as I watched the video I completely broke down in sobs "This is so sad and beautiful!" I thought. I was a mess. In any case, I'm so proud to share Christy's message here. Thanks for reading :)


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