Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Intentions / Container Gardening

     Yogic philosophy teaches us the importance of "intention," which was explained on the Abella Yoga blog as  "a promise you make to yourself about what you intend to do, be, say, etc.  An intention is a way to put positive thinking and desires into action."

     This year when I decided to try my hand in earnest at growing my own vegetables, which you can read about here, I set a few simple intentions for the garden: I wanted it to be fully organic, small for my first year, and full of only veggies that my family actually eats regularly already. My intentions for myself as a Gardener (I capitalize because it seems so official!) were to be dedicated, methodical, and yet to approach gardening with simplicity and manageability.  One of my greatest intentions was to spend as little as possible. Call it, Organic Gardening on a Budget.  Little did I know that my intention to be frugal would lead me down an exciting path which would make Jack Johnson's song "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" my mantra...or perhaps even a quiet anthem, the tune constantly rolling through my mind. Take a look back at this post to see how I rescued containers from my recycling bin for seed starting.

     When I first started my seeds it seemed that it would be forever until I could move them outside, I thought I had loads of time to build the raised bed I planned on, get all the supplies for filling it with lovely organic soil and appropriate materials for drainage etc. Well, life happened (and is happening) and now the time has come, my little seedlings have been transplanted once already from the little reused k-cups into larger plant-able pots made out of 100% Peat-Free Renewable Coir.

Marking flags made from tooth picks and post-its!

My cucumbers have started to flower, signaling that the first fruits are on their way. These little babes are begging to be let outside in the fresh air, rain, and sunshine. Uno wallet is a little light right now. I was starting to get a bit discouraged (i.e. think negatively) Why couldn't I have money for the simple things I needed? Why was it so hard to make my good intentions come to fruition? I just want a simple little garden to help feed my family some healthy food, is that so much to ask!?!? Nothing extravagant...humph! Luckily I didn't get stuck on this rant for too long. I took a few deep breaths and trusted that something would work out. Mind you, I had this back and forth conversation with myself more than once before it stuck. Then, as if by magic, another little intention turned out some great results...

      Last week we were gifted a lovely second-hand changing table for little Violet. We had been using a small rectangular kitchen table with a changing pad on top, it was actually a nifty little station while it lasted...but now we have the real deal, Wahoo!


After setting up the new changing station I was left with the question of what to do with the old table, that's when it hit me, it would work great as a gardeners station in my garage! This of course meant that I had to attack the jungle of storage and half finished projects that my garage had been housing all winter long. Well, let me tell ya when this gal gets on a roll...see for yourself:

     A few hours of steady work and my modest little gardening station was set up (and my garage looked and felt like a place I didn't mind being in anymore!) In the process I raked up a bunch of fall leaves that had somehow formed a carpet on the garage floor, I gathered these into paper bags to save for the future compost pile. Guess what else I found? Apparently I have a ridiculous amount of empty pots of various sizes...many of a quite decent size guessed it: container gardening!
      My intention to make a space for myself in the garage, a space fit for a Gardener, lead me to the solution for my aforementioned gardener's woes. I might not have the cash, momentarily, to build and fill that raised bed I'm planning on, but I do have a bunch of pots. It's not how I originally planned it, but even if the raised bed doesn't happen this year (although I still hope it does!) all of the time and attention I am giving to this project, and all of my good intentions are better this year than last. I will have an organic garden, if only in containers. Today I will begin to fill the pots with organic potting mix as suggested here and let the seedlings do their thing in the great outdoors as they are meant to.

     Setting an intention can be a powerful thing, not just in the focus it gives you toward your goal, but sometimes in leading you without your conscious knowledge to choices that you wouldn't have guessed had anything to do with your intention at all. It is setting the intention that marks the path, whether you know ahead of time what that path looks like or not.

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