Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Resolution & Revolution: May

Resolution: A firm decision to do or not do something.

Revolution: 1.) Completion also: the period made by the regular succession of a measure of time. 2.) Radical or complete change.

Spring is fully upon us with the scent of mud in the air, green buds and leaves popping out above and below, birds chirping and the sun making a more frequent appearance. During March my goal was to eat better and move more. In large part I followed through with this “Resolution & Revolution” challenge with a few cookie butter hiccups and a cold that repeatedly tried to slow me down. For the most part I ate clean and green and alternated between yoga and Pilates. Originally I wanted to add a lot of cardio, but yard clean up, raking and bike rides filled in for the more dedicated workouts I’d had in mind, in particular because my runny nose was not pretty when moving at full speed. I’ve set myself up to continue the diet and exercise pace this month and will add to it May's mission of Spring Cleaning.

This includes my home of course, dusting away a winter’s worth of wood stove soot, washing the fingerprints off the windows inside and out and donating or recycling old clothing, toys, magazines and the like. I will be using this systematic guide from Bowlful of Lemons to get it all done in six days! In small bites it can be done I say! Much more time spent than that and I’ll have spring fever all over again. Because what I really want to focus on is my clothing, in particular as this relates to filling the holes in my life. My underwear was what really inspired this. I think many of you ladies will understand where I am coming from: after having kids, keeping up with them, their clothing, the laundry, the home, food and you all know what else, there hasn’t really been time for me to sort my “delicates” if ya know what I mean. I’d be better served if my delicates were made of some kind of reinforced metal that didn’t tear along the seams and never needed replacing, but alas (thankfully) we don’t live in the middle ages and I like my “fluff soft.” 

As a busy mother I regret to admit that which goes unseen, namely my underthings, get neglected, especially when the family budget comes into play. But this month, taking a cue from my the cuddly softness of my new Eco-Alternative cloth and the idea that my vision for my life is one without holes, a full life where dreams don’t fall through the cracks, where I care for even that which remains unseen, I challenge myself to “fill in the holes.” This is intimately related to my idea of my own self-worth. Recall the L’Oreal ads, “Because you’re worth it?” Well it’s true sister, true for you, true for me, true for our underwear.

This month I will take a careful look at the things in my life that appear to have holes (relationships, career, books that I never finished, having fun) and either do my best to mend them or in the case of undergarments, replace- that at least is where I’ll start.

Please join me in my Spring Cleaning Resolution and Revolution and share what has holes in your life and how you might take steps toward filling them.

Wholly yours,
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