Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Comfort Angels

Several weeks ago, I spoke to Speaker and  Author Caroline Sutherland.  One of the things we talked about was comforting children in this stressful world that we live in.  Their family could be experiencing a difficulty, such as divorce or an illness.  Maybe they need to go into the hospital for surgery, or treatment.  Even just the day to day events, like going to school, dealing with friends and homework. Or maybe they just get nervous about doing anything new. What about sleeping, it's hard to get a good nights rest if you are feeling stressed.

Caroline was kind enough to send my children two free Angels, and the "My Littlest Angel Tells Me I'm Special" cd to try out, and review  When I told Jack and Gigi these were coming they were so excited and couldn't wait to see them.  They tore into the box as soon as it was delivered.  They desperately wanted it to be bed time so they could listen to the cd.  They even carried the angels around every where and wanted to listen to the cd in the car.

The little angel is a perfect small size, so super snugly soft and comes in a variety of colors.  The cd is lovely, there is gentle, twinkling music and Caroline's soft comforting voice telling a story.  She takes you  on a journey to the stars and back. All the while reminding you that you are safe, secure and peaceful. You even get to envision sprinkling star dust on your friends and loved ones as you fly over their houses. 

Kids absolutely love having a special snugly to sleep with and they love bedtime stories.  Routine is so essential for getting kids to bed on time and ready for a good nights sleep.  It is especially important that they go to bed with good, positive thoughts in their heads.  This cd is wonderful because it asks the children to focus on something positive and calming, instead of letting their minds race about everything they are scared of.  Which if you are a parent, you know anything that is bothering, or has ever bothered your child shows up at bedtime.

Cd's are great because even if you don't have time to read your children a bedtime story, they can still listen to one.  They can take the cd and angel on sleepovers to gramma's or a friends, or if their time is split between mom and dad's house. You could even load it on an ipod or MP3 player, so no one else has to know what they are listening to.  No matter where they are for bed time or nap time this would offer comfort and consistency, which kids enjoy and need to feel secure.

These Angels would make great baby shower gifts.  Mom could actually listen to it while she was pregnant and then it would be something comforting and familiar for the baby once he or she was born.

You can get more information or order at They are $25.99 and well worth it in my opinion. As parents comforting, reassuring and making our children fell secure can seem like an overwhelming, full time job.  So why not let these little Angels help us out.

                                                            Sweet Dreams!


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  1. This is such a sweet idea. I think that kids deal with a lot more stress than people assume!

    1. You are absolutely right, even if they have a "perfect" life it still includes stress. They can really use all the comfort they can get.


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