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Book Worm Wednesday--Blog Hop

     Welcome to our first Book Worm Wednesday Blog Hop!! If you'd like to link up please see instructions at the end of this post. 

      This month's theme is "The One Book I'll Never Forget", for me that books is Margaret Atwood's dystopian fictional story The Handmaid's Tale.

     Many of you may have read this one in high school or college. I first read it at the suggestion of a friend in my late 20's. I was immediately captivated by everything about this story. The writing is beautiful, somewhat "spooky" for lack of a better word, and layered with meaning. There is a wonderful synopsis of the book on Wikipedia, but be warned it is full of spoilers! However, even if you haven't read The Handmaid's Tale yet I can bet that the synopsis, spoilers and all, will find you so intrigued that you'll be aching to read the book itself. 

     Aside from the captivating storyline and mesmerizing writing style, I believe that I was so strongly affected by The Handmaid's Tale because I read it at a time when I was truly coming into my womanhood, enjoying the freedoms that adult women are allowed in this time and in this country, and had recently become a mother. Motherhood, womanhood, and freedom are all issues explored in Atwood's story. Although the book is filed under the genre "science fiction", I prefer the other term that has been used to describe it: "speculative fiction," because it seems to me that while this story seems quite "out there" if one looks at history and examines the various political and cultural climates of countries throughout the world rather than just looking at it through the lens of the United States, one can see that this tale is not so far fetched after all. Yes, we'd hate to think that something like this could happen in the U.S. but the truth is, similar things have happened on a smaller scale in many parts of the world. It is frightening and frustrating. I cannot forget this book because it spoke to my heart as a woman, as a sister to all women world-wide, and as a human being that cannot fathom the fact that in some parts of the world a girl is not allowed to learn how to read, let alone have a choice about what she wears, who she marries, or what her future will be. This book has made me feel grateful for my life and liberty, it has also made me feel heartache for those who do not enjoy the same. It is powerful and makes one think about something more meaningful than what is happening in one's own back yard. 

     Don't get me wrong, I love a fun, light read as much as the next gal. You should see my summer reading list (big shout out to Young Adult fiction!!) but never has a book stayed with me like this one has, I am so glad I read it and I think you will be to. Check it out at your local library. 

     If you are nerdy like me and enjoy a good study guide, or if you plan to select The Handmaid's Tale for your next book club meeting, Spark Notes has a great guide for this story. Or if you like a good book~movie duo, you can check out the 1990 movie version starring Natasha Richardson (available through

     Alright, so that's my book. What's yours? If you'd like to link up to the Hop please see instructions below. Please make sure to grab our HOP badge for your page using the code provided and see the Simply Linked tool below to link up!

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