Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Mix Monday: Giddy Snack -- Review


1. Frivolous and lighthearted; flighty.

Make (someone) feel excited.


Bemused, capricious, gaga, slaphappy, whimsical.
Wholesome Snacktivities for busy bodies.
In the mail I received a cute little tote filled with Giddy snacks.
"Hooray!" my kids cheered. They love Giddy snacks and for good
reason, they're healthy, fun to eat and yummy!
Jill and Sally, the giddy gals behind this snack-tastic creation,
explain on their website,
"The key to our happiness is pretty simple—balanced, healthy living. Eating well is such a huge part of feeling good. We know parents want wholesome and convenient snacks for their kids, but kids often prefer the more artificial, fun options. That's why we created giddy. We're using simple, all natural ingredients and offering them in engaging, interactive formats. We've made wholesome fun!"
And I couldn't agree more! I wholeheartedly support moms who find a creative solution to a common problem and are successful with it. This is why when my kids ask for Giddy, they get it, along
with tickles, tongue-twisters and belly-laughs. It's a win-win when
snacks and fun go hand-in-hand and that's what you get with Giddy.
What did we think? There was a lot of mmm, yum and "Mom these are delicious! I love the graham and berry!" Who doesn't?

If your child or children in their classrooms have allergies Giddy snacks has a solution...Suntwists: honey wheat pretzels with sunbutter...they are available in Target now and are expected to be in stores in July/August- just in time for back to school. Please signup for their newsletter for updates. What will they think of next? A gluten free product I hope!
Where to get Giddy you wonder? Click here for an extensive list or
just check out your local Target.
Giddy moms love your support and have an active Facebook and Twitter page with contests, information and more.
Thank you Jill & Sally for sharing your product with us and the world!
Giddy for Giddy,
*No monetary compensation was received for this review.
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  1. Oh my yumminess. I know two little boys who would have a blast dipping and eating these, and a mama who would love seeing them enjoy good for you goodness.

    Thanks for this post, I'd never heard of giddy before this.


    1. Not sure if they've made it over to HI yet, but I wish they sold the crackers in larger quantities- they're so delish!

  2. Replies
    1. Cute AND tasty!!! Win! Thank you for reading!


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