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In The Mix Monday--U by Kotex Tween

     Ladies Holiday is pleased to announce that we have accepted the invitation to be U by Kotex Tween Ambassadors! The U by Kotex Tween Ambassador Campaign kicked off earlier this month with a Mom Central Twitter party on June 6th. The campaign hopes to provide resources and ideas to assist mothers and daughters in opening a healthy dialogue about menstruation.

     What does it mean to be an Ambassador? It means that we have agreed to help share the message that Kotex is hoping to bring to moms across the nation to prepare their daughters for getting their periods. Anyone who's been with us from the beginning or has read our About page knows that the roots of this blog are in menstrual well-being. Additionally, between the 4 Ladies who contribute to this blog we have a total of 7 daughters, 3 of whom are entering their Tween years. Therefore, we were very excited for the opportunity to help bring the message of the U by Kotex Tween Campaign to all of you.

     As part of the campaign kickoff I'd like to invite you to view the following "Aimee Teegarden Gets Real Video by Kotex & Nickelodeon ParentsConnect"

     I can totally relate to Aimee's description of a mother who "doesn't sugarcoat anything!" My mother was just the same and I have to say that I'm really glad. There was never anything mysterious or taboo about my period. I hope that I can be, and already am, as open and honest with my own daughters. I think that I am. The way I see it, the most important thing when talking to your daughter about her period or any of the changes her body may be going through is to stay calm and open. Sure it may be awkward for both of you, but if you can try to project a relaxed and knowledgeable demeanor you will see reflected back at you through your daughter the same relaxed manor in which she may feel comfortable enough to really tell you how she feels, whether it's excited or afraid or a little of both. Once that line of communication is open you can impart on your daughter the knowledge that she needs to be able to go forward as she journey's toward womanhood, hopefully with confidence! This is another reason why I am so proud that we are a part of the U by Kotex Tween Campaign because I feel that they are doing a great job of providing the tools moms need to share knowledge with their girls. I think one of the main reasons why moms become just as nervous, if not more nervous than their daughters about this subject is that we are afraid that we don't have all the answers to their questions, or just that we don't know what to tell them or how much or when. Kotex has addressed these issues splendidly. 

     Piper and I have talked about it a bit, as I mentioned here, I even showed her my reusable menstrual pads and explained how they work. I was happy when she recently asked me if she could wear one of my reusable panty-liners because of some discharge she was having. Of course, she found it to be an unfamiliar sensation to wear something like that and after a few minutes opted to take it off. But I was glad that she felt comfortable enough to ask me about it and to give it a try. For many years I used disposable pads, panty liners, and's what I started on and it was the only option I was aware of. But at the end of last year I switched to reusables as did Christine (as discussed here) at the encouragement of our Green Diva Deirdre (who shares her experiences here and here and here.) I love my reusables, they feel great, are cost effective, easy to use, and good for the planet. I would love for my daughters to one day use them too. However, in spite of Piper's request to try one of the panty-liners recently, I have never expected that my girls would start their period journey with reusable products. Being a Tween is tough for many reasons, and getting one's period certainly involves a mix of emotions for young girls. I can't imagine my Tween heading to a sleepover while menstruating with a "wet bag" (Like this cutie: Bumkins Zippered Wet Bag - Pink Groove) in her nap-sack holding her soiled menstrual pads. As "gross" as that sounds, as an adult I find it to be a convenient and tidy business, but for a Tween this process could be cumbersome or even embarrassing if some of her friends didn't understand.

     While currently I use reusable pads and panty liners, I still use disposable tampons when the need arises, and I do plan to start my daughter on disposable options like the ones Kotex provides. In fact, the tampons I use in the summer for swimming are U by Kotex (please note, that these are a Kotex product which are different than the U by Kotex Tween product which is specially designed for Tweens, we'll be sharing more details on these in a future post)...I was reeled in by the colorful packaging, I'll admit! But I actually really prefer the U by Kotex plastic applicator for comfort's sake over cardboard or non-applicator brands. I like that they don't contain chlorine like some other brands out there. I was also pleased to see on the Kotex wesbite their other line "Kotex Natural Balance" which appeals to my natural-living sensibilities. 

     We'll be sharing more tips and information on this important subject in the coming months. Please check back next month when Deidre will share information on "Beginning the Period Discussions." After all, we may have all grown up with this idea of "The Talk" as though it's one all encompassing talk about our bodies, puberty, and "the birds and the bees" but really can you imagine jamming that all into one talk and then never broaching the subject again? I can't! That would be completely overwhelming...for BOTH of us. It is rather, through developing a relationship with your daughter in which an open dialogue exists--in other words, a series of small and big talks over time, in which she can feel comfortable asking and you can feel comfortable answering, in this way knowledge can be gained and there is a real value in that.

 In health, 

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“I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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