Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Resolution and Revolution: Clear the Inbox

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Resolution: A firm decision to do or not do something.

Revolution: 1.) Completion also: the period made by the regular succession of a measure of time. 2.) Radical or complete change.

It is hard to believe it is already(the end of) June...half of 2012 is behind us and another six months ahead. That also means that Ladies Holiday has been live for six months...happy - half - first - birthday - baby - lady!

Last month I tackled Spring Cleaning...and yes I did clean. Top to bottom, bottom to top I wiped out the dust, cleared the clutter and even had a tag sale. The last item on my list was to wash all the windows in my house in and out and I just crossed it off. Hooray.

There are still a few more items I'd like to do, but they're beyond the scope of spring cleaning and more like chores: touch up paint, reorganize a few areas, that kind of thing. All in all I feel good about it.

Onto this month, for June my resolution to create revolution in my life is to keep my inboxes clear! Like many people (and bloggers!) I have more than one email...and suffice it to say they get cluttered up and bogged down by loads of emails: promotions, forwards, bill reminders, friends keeping in touch, birthday wishes, sales circulars,  you get the picture because you know exactly what I mean. This may not be physical clutter in the same way the never ending pile on the edge of my counter is (you probably know this one too, forms from the kids' school, bills, reminders, the odd piece of string, a pair of pliers...I have no idea, but it never seems to go away) but it is clutter nonetheless.

I find that knowing I have this many items "to-do" awaiting my attention in my email folders, not that I even need to do anything about them, but that they're just there is a sort of energy drain. It is in the back of my mind and pulls at me. Maybe I'll open a few, respond, browse the piperlime sale and what do I know, twenty minutes has gone by when I should most certainly have been doing something else.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy my Internet idle time as much as the next person, but ideally I want to optimize the little time I have so I can actually do some good livin' --not frittering away life online or do some good workin' not getting lost in a link-hole of "if you like this book, you'll like this one." I could read book reviews for days, but since at the moment I don't get paid to do that, my solution is...drum roll...keep my email inbox clean and clear.

How? As emails come in, I will process them: read, reply and either place in an appropriate folder or delete.
  • If the email is a forward, I am self-imposing a no-read policy. This may sound harsh and I know the forwarder is well meaning, but I just don't have the time or rather I do, but am heretofore choosing to spend it more efficiently...because I have to face the fact that the days are flying by.

  • If it is an email from a store or company that I frequent and either someone in my family or myself needs something specific I may open the email, but if not...delete. I'm sure if I wait a day or an hour another one will follow.

  • If the email is from a store/company I am not interested in I will unsubscribe from the mailing by finding the "unsubscribe" link- usually at the bottom of the email. 

  • If the email is a bill I will either pay immediately or if I'm not able those may have to hang out for a couple days.
The good news is dear friends, you will hear from me sooner (if you've emailed me.) More good news is I hope by clearing this form of cyber-clutter I will make more room for other things, like creating posts and other fun for Ladies Holiday.

By keeping my email inboxes relatively empty it is also my hope that this translates into less procrastination in my entire life. By being proactive in small ways I can show myself that I can be motivated and not put things off in other areas of my life.

*As a side note, Natalie, writer of one of my favorite blogs Nat the Fat Rat is always going on about the movie You've Got Mail. She even, in the most adorable of ways, reenacted a scene from the film. I saw it long ago and am a big softie for Tom Hanks and the lovely Ms. Ryan...So in addition to staying on top of my inbox and in honor of the aptly titled You've Got Mail another thing I want to do this month is rewatch the film...will keep you posted!

Living Clean and Clear,

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  1. Ugh, I am such an e-mail hoarder!! I need to work on this! But for now, some cleaning must be done on my end as well.

  2. This sounds like a great idea. I've recently made a decision about email too, but it's slightly different. I had been compulsively checking my email - I do get so much and on my phone too. Now I'm just checking my email 2 times a day. It's so much better. I do get behind a little on email, but at least my life is not run by email so much.

    I'm glad you linked up at Romance on a dime!


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