Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Night Fun

So what do you do when you have had a day filled with affordable summer fun, or you have been trapped in the A/C?  Now it's 100 degrees and no one is falling asleep?  When my kids were small we used to pop them in the double stroller and take them and the dog for a walk.  It was so relaxing, listening to the crickets, enjoying the cooler outside air, looking at the moon and stars. 

Once we even made a run to Walmart at 9:00 to get school supplies just so we could enjoy the air conditioned car and store.  It was great, there was no one there and the kids fell asleep on the the way home.  What about a late night trip to the grocery store, no lines no waiting.  And just because it's a different time than you normally go, your kids might think it's special.  (I'm planning this for tonight.)

We absolutely love the night time, it's just too bad that during the summer the moon and stars come out past our usual bed time.  So we have to take advantage of those sleepless summer nights when we can.  These days we like to sit in the backyard and gaze at the stars.  Sit around the fire pit and watch the dogs chase each other while wrestling over their ball. It's these simple things that make being a family so much fun.

Summer Nights #summer


It's going to be another hot one today so I'm going to check the library for a book on constellations. If it's not cloudy maybe tonight we can go out and try to identify some.  We also have a small telescope we haven't used in years, tonight might be a good night to dust it off. 

I grew up in the country and loved watching and catching fireflies.  I don't see as many where I live now, but would love to do this with my kids too.  Safely of course in a container with air holes and then set the bugs free.  We also used to go out at night after it rained to find night crawlers for fishing. Flashlight tag is a fun nigh time game too.

Sometimes a local park will offer a free outdoor movie or concert.  They may ask for donations, but that's OK, it's a win win situation.  You have some fun while teaching your kids about giving.  If you have a portable DVD player you could set up your own outdoor movie on your deck or porch.

summer nights

My kids are having a much different childhood than I did. We now live in a neighborhood with more traffic, neighbors, noise and street lights, we have a fenced in yard to keep them safe.  But I hope that I can give them some of the experiences I enjoyed growing up in the country.  As a kid summer nights can be just as much fun as summer days.

                        If you have any great tips for enjoying summer night fun, please share!


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  1. These are all great ideas. Sounds like summer will be fun at your house. We like to do a lot of things, like going to the beach, visiting the art gallery, going to the library. But, not too much at night because I find I need them to go to bed after a full day! ;)

    1. I wish my kids were good at going to bed lol! I would like to relax early myself!


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