Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome Sponsor: Chalk in the Rain

     Ladies Holiday is pleased to welcome Chalk in the Rain an upbeat blog, written by Allyce a comrade in the wonderful world of female bloggers, to our group of sponsors (see side bar to left.) We invited Allyce to introduce herself and her blog to all of you, please read on and then hop over to Chalk in the Rain to spread the bloggy love.

Tamar & The Ladies

Introducing: Chalk in the Rain 

Hello!! My name is Allyce (pronounced uh-lease) and I write over at Chalk in the Rain
I'm a 20-something wife, a teacher, semi-domestic Hoosier, an aspiring DIY'er, Pinterest addict, self-proclaimed Pier One & Target shopaholic,  lover of all things coffee and chocolate, and a momma to our Cockapoo pooch: Mylie. 

To me, blogging is my creative outlet where I write about really whatever strikes my fancy.  Chalk in the Rain is a culmination of my unpredictable life experiences, random thoughts, learning and applying what God is teaching me, & things that tend to make my day [and hopefully yours] a little brighter!  There's no "theme" or cute little tutorials / recipes that are whipped up and turn out to be successful the first go-around.  The blog is full of honesty, a little humor and a kick of reality.

Come on over and Read on, Relax & Stay a while!  I would love to have you by my little space of blogworld! :)

The driving force behind my life & blog:
Live life with purpose, Love intentionally, Find joy in the ordinary, Live BOLDLY & SIMPLY, Love Jesus relentlessly & Have a little fun along the way!

Where to Find Me:
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  1. yay! thanks for the feature! i'm so glad to be partnering with you beautiful ladies! :)


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