Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking A Break From A Busy Summer



Isn't it funny how we can't wait for Summer to come, the kids will be out of school, we think, sleeping in, relaxion, fun in the sun.  Some how it's like we have forgotten what all the other Summers have been like. Then day two of vacation comes and the kids are up at 5 am, fighting, saying they are bored and generally driving you mad.  It's a tricky thing for me, as a stay at home mom.  I miss my kids while they are at school, but I also enjoy being able to run errands, get laundry done, etc, without the screaming and fighting. 

During Summer vacation it's easy to fall out of the routines that kept us going all school year.  We stay up too late, sleep too late, laze about, forget to read or practice math facts.  I'm here to say to all the moms and dads out there who are having a less then stellar Summer, it's ok.  Take it easy on yourselves and make sure to take a little time for yourself each day.  I know more than one mom who has the kids home who is feeling a bit more stress, tension and anxiety. 

It's not easy going from having the kids away from home for several hours a day to them being home every minute. This year my dad paid for my daughter to go to camp for three weeks and my son attended a free reading camp at school.  This gave them something fun to do away from eachother without taking up their whole Summer.  Of course now that those have ended, we will have to get a little more creative with our time. 

I'm hoping to get really good at using my quiet voice and not allowing the stress to overwhelm me.  Unless you have endless financial resources you have to find free or cheap things ot do.  Which can sometimes also become a stress in itself.  I just want to remind everyone, myself included to take a deep breath, say some nice things to yourself about being a good parent and just know that you are not alone in this. 

It's ok to not pack your Summer full of non stop running around, it's good to fit in some down time too.  My kids get so tired of running around they will ask if we can just stay home so they can play with their toys.  It seems to me that I know so many who are struggling with something right now, health, finances, stress, major life changes.  So let's all remember to just take care of ourselves even if it's just a few minutes a day. 


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