Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: Books & Fashion

     It may not be a favorite guilty pleasure or beach read (the topic for the Book Worm Wednesday Blog Hop tomorrow) but fashion is a guilty pleasure of mine, especially because I'm a mama on a budget.

     I can admire all the maxi dresses, bejeweled sandals, stars, stripes and colored denim I desire and imagine myself looking fabulous via the convenience of my computer and some amazing sites...

     ...such as Minted Magazine where you can also read interviews I did with --


-- two gals with a lot of style and a cruelty-free sensibility that makes looking good feel good.

     Because when I do get to the beach, I want to look good while I read this...

With sand between my toes and pages between my fingers,
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  1. Great pic! I'm a reader as well, but not a fashionista. Enjoyed your little post that I found on Anything Goes at Eye Heart Mondays.


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