Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Listening

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     You plan a trip to the beach, thinking about how great it will be to get away from it all, and start that great book you have been meaning to read.  Reading at the beach can be so relaxing.  You get comfortable. You listen to the soothing, rhythmic sound of the surf crashing. You breathe a big sigh of relief and get swept away by the story.  This is blissful, pure indulgence!

     Then you remember you brought your family with you, screaming kids and all.  And not just yours, but the people parked next to you as well.  You get to listen to their kids scream as they catch up on all their family's gossip.  You think about that great book that you brought, but are now wondering how you will read it while watching your kids play in the water.  

     For safety reasons you should keep an eye on the little ones, but also what if you miss the one great ride your kid had on his body board? How about a book on CD or download?  This will allow you to enjoy that great book as well as keep an eye on the kids.  Not to mention tune out those people next door.  

     My husband loves to play in the water with the kids but is always gesturing or shouting to me to pay attention to what they are doing.  This way you could sit in your comfy chair under the umbrella, catch up on your reading and not miss anything your family is doing. I also go to the beach to enjoy the scenery, which is hard to do while your nose is in a book or squinting in the bright light to see your kindle.   

     This is a great way to read in the car as well.  I get car sick if I try to read while traveling.  The last trip we took to the beach was the best ever, because we popped in a Magic Tree House CD.  The kids were so into listening to the story, they forgot to fight LOL! 

     However you choose to enjoy a good book at the beach, have fun!  Summer reading is the best!

We would love to hear what's on your reading list, please share.
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  1. What a good idea! I've basically given up on the idea of having a "relaxing" day at the beach for at least the next 15 years. I always bring something to read, but it never seems to make it out of the beach bag. Maybe an audio book is the answer!

  2. I know exactly what you are saying, LOL! I'm so glad to have discovered audio books. They are also great for bedtime stories if you are tired or not feeling well.


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