Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aloha Blog Hop

Aloha Friday Blog Hop
Happy Weekend/August! A big thank you to Nicole and Jean of Local Sugar Hawaii and What Jean Likes, respectively, for hosting a weekly link up of great blog posts and a chance for all us bloggers to share, connect and learn from one another. And just as they so kindly share their link up with all of us, we like to pay homage to a great blog we happen to love, but may not be linked up below. Linky-Aloha-Love my friends. Check it out!

The Discourse (and Narrative) of Ashton

Do you ever read a blog and feel an insta-connection? That is what it is like when you tap into Ashton's posts, thoughts, photos & musings. There is a kind of sweet clarity that instantly convinces the reader that you'd get on together nicely if you met at a picnic. It is a refreshing kind of familiarity that makes the blog-world so special -- feeling connected, even when you live continents apart, have topsy-turvy lifestyles and wouldn't be able to pick each other out of a crowd. It is a common human element that makes the world feel a little more comfy.

Pour a cup of tea and have a read...and when you're done with that check out some of the great blogs below and link up!

What's neat about our Blog Hop:

· Put the same linky list code on your blog and you'll have the exact same list!

· Your blog visitors can add their blog to your list and it will show up on Everyones lists!

· We're sharing the ALOHA Spirit.

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Happy Aloha Friday!

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