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Book Worm Wednesday Blog Hop--Non-Fiction

As promised, the first Wednesday of every month is our blog hop day ~ and that's today!!
This month we are focusing on Non-Fiction, but feel free to link up with any posts you have related to any book (family friendly, of course.)

The rules are few and simple:
1. Book related posts only please ~ although there is wiggle room, if you can show us why it's in some way related to a book or books, we'll let it ride ;) 

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That's all there is to it!
As for me...
Although I am still enjoying plenty of fiction this summer (see last month's post, here) as well as my ever growing pile of magazines from the library discards, I am eating up tons of non-fiction as well. 

I know it's only August 1st, but ever since I was a little girl August for me has spelled the beginning of the end. Sounds so cryptic, I know. But the days of summer vacation seem so fleeting by this point, the start of school will be here before we know it! While this used to make me sad, especially as someone who greatly prefers the summer climate of New England over the winter, I am learning to embrace the positive side of all seasons here and therefore I'm enjoying this beautiful ~HOT~ summer very much, but I am also looking forward to September. New books, "bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils" (a quote from one of my fave films You've Got Mail) and the comfort/structure that comes along with the school year schedule, all have me feeling good about the Autumn months around the corner.  

Make no mistake, I am in no rush to go pumpkin picking yet and I am still planning on squeezing every last bit of sunshine out of both August and September, but I'm not dreading the inevitable change that will come either...and that feels nice for once. In any case, the anticipation of a new school year gets my head into a studious place and I start to feel that craving for fabulous, fun, exciting knowledge!! 

What's in my bag of library check-outs, you ask? Going along with my recent Clean Eating Adventure, and a quest to improve my health, my non-fiction cravings have been quenched by these, in no particular order and with some non-food related goodies mixed in:

Ladies Holiday, Copyright 2012
  • Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook, Kim Barnouin So many delicious, fantastic recipes, and kick--a** commentary on a healthy eating philosophy that I can totally get behind
  • Babycakes Covers the Classics, Erin McKenna Gluten-Free and Vegan? This addresses my whole famiy's mix of allergies in a sweet and tasty way
  •  Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, Ani Phyo Just picked it up today and I am so excited, everything looks yummy and healthy!
  • Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express, Mark Bittman  Another one I picked up just today, Bittman's How to Cook Everything is a constant go-to cookbook at our house
  • Jamie's Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver Picked it up today, I've heard great things!!
  • Stich 'N Bitch Crochet The Happy Hooker, Debbie Stoller I've borrowed this one more than once, most easy to understand crochet directions ever, great for a novice like me...and um, wow, I might actually make something other than a wash cloth one day soon!
  • Shelter for the Spirit, Victoria Moran I was so inspired by Deirdre's Ladies in the Know interview with Moran last month that I traveled to a library two towns over the very same day to pick up this book so that I wouldn't have to wait for it to transfer to my library. It is just as inspiring and wonderful as I expected it to be.
  • Food Matters, Mark Bittman This is a must read. Smart, fair, and clearly written. If you care at all about what you put in your body but aren't interested in being given a guilt trip, this book is perfect for you.
  • Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr  Like I said, this list is in no particular order, which is obvious because anyone who knows me, knows that of all these books this one is at the TIPPY TOP of my list right now. Inspirational, smart, sassy, witty, full of goodness for your body, mind, and spirit. This is an absolute MUST READ for those seeking a vibrant life. I am head over heels in-love with Kris Carr, I've never met her but I am convinced she is the best friend, wise sister, and sparkly Fairy God Mother to my soul that I never knew I always longed for. 

Clearly, I like to learn new things...things that will help to improve my health, feed my spirit, excite my sense of aliveness, and maybe even help me develop a new talent (crocheted book cozy anyone?)

Ladies Holiday, Copyright 2012

What types of non-fiction are you interested in and why? 
See below for the badge code and to link up! Happy hopping :)

Reading Happily 'til my eyes get buggy and my head gets fuzzy, 

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  1. I'm new to your blog and would love to be a part of your blog hop. How long does the link stay open? And when do you announce the topic for each month's link-up?

  2. Hi Teri!

    The linky will be open for the rest of the week (until Sunday.) The general topic is always books, but sometimes we have a sub theme like non-fiction or beach reads, for example. Next month hasn't been assigned any sub theme as of yet, so any book related post will be just fine. Looking forward to seeing what you post! :)


  3. Hi Tamar, I just linked up (at least i hope it works) thanks for hosting, i'm leslie from Gwen Moss blog. I'm not showing up yet...

  4. Hi Tamar, I noticed that my link never showed up. And I see no others added, and I'm wondering if there's a problem? I tried a couple times, and I have the link and button on my site. Anyone else reporting difficulties?
    Here's my link:
    ...just in case you have better luck.
    Thanks Leslie (aka Gwen Moss Blog)

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Welcome back! :) I see four links up (they are pretty small, but they are listed right above where it says "submit your link") I will double check, and if your link is not yet added then I will do it myself, that seemed to work last time. Thanks again for stopping by, I can't wait to see what you're reading! :)


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