Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lookin' Smart--GlassesUSA.com

     When I was 8-years-old I longed for eyeglasses so much that I convinced myself (and my pediatrician) that I wasn’t seeing well. To my utter despair a trip to the ophthalmologist proved that I had been blessed with 20/20 vision in both eyes. Glasses were such a great accessory though!

     I fancied myself a bit of a fashionista and noted that depending on the style of glasses frames a person could totally change up their look, making a fashion statement whilst simultaneously giving off the Smarty Pants vibe. I had admired many women who rocked sassy, studious, or even sporty looks by changing up their frames. Sure, I could get some non-prescription fashion frames…but I wanted to be legit, I thought there was nothing that would say “I’m trying too hard” louder than fake glasses. Wow…I was really opinionated for an 8-year-old.

     In my adulthood my childhood wish for a legitimate need for specs came true!  These days I sport what I lovingly call “School Nerd” glasses that support my visual needs while reading small print, in keeping with my style preferences my frames are purple adding a little funk to my otherwise safe fashion choices (think lots of grays and browns.)

     Although it was fun finally picking out eye wear, what wasn’t fun was looking at the price tag—there’s one thing I sure wasn’t concerned about when trying to lie my way into an eye wear prescription as a kid! I wish I’d thought to look for online eyeglasses to fill my prescription, it turns out I could have saved a lot of money that way. Like most people though, I’d assumed that the only way to know if a pair of glasses would look good on me would be to try them on myself, but I didn’t know about GlassesUSA.com and their awesome Virtual Mirror tool.

     The Virtual Mirror Tool is awesome!! I was able to "try on" many different styles of glasses, I could upload my own photo or use a photo taken on the site with my web cam, I also had the option of using photos from the site for trying out glasses. I had control of the lining up the frames on my face and adjusting the size so that I could see how they would actually fit. It was super easy and fun...and by the way, the prices were fantastic. The pair of semi-rimless glasses shown in the second picture (below) were only $48. The site also allows you to share your Virtual Mirror pictures with friends so that you can get their opinion (i.e. help deciding which pair makes you look fabulous!)

     You should totally try it, here:

     I have some extra great news to share with you today, GlassesUSA.com has offered to let YOU our wonderful Ladies Holiday readers enjoy this special offer:
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Lookin' Smart, 
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*I was monetarily compensated for offering my opinion about GlassesUSA.com

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I love your book theme!! reading is definitely a past time favorite!! I am now a follower!!
    ~ Sarah

  2. I ordered from GlassesShop.com 2 times and GlassesUSA 1 time in the last year. They are definitely my go-to glasses website from now on! Both of them have the best prices and the best selection.


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