Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Embarrassing "Mommy Moment"

Thanks for joining Ladies Holiday as we officially kick off "Mommy Moment" Thursdays.  If you missed Monday's post please check it out for details on how you can share your stories as well.  We would love to laugh, cry and celebrate right along with you!

It was a beautiful day and I had just put on my new prescription sun glasses to go for a walk with my family.  My son who was not quite two and my daughter who was four were in their double stroller.  I said to my husband, "Don't make fun of me if I stumble a bit at first." You know, cause when you are adjusting to new glasses the ground can appear closer or further away at first.  He loves to call me "Grace", my coordination gets me lots of laughs around here.

Well, we had a lovely uneventful stroll and had just arrived in our yard when another mom we know happened by with her son in a stroller.  So we stopped to chat, while we were talking my son decided he would run back in forth between us and the sidewalk our friends were on.  This of course freaked me out since the sidewalk is so close to the road.

My son began to run toward the sidewalk again, this time I heard a car coming and panicked!  I yelled, "Jack!" and took a step forward to grab him.  Apparently I didn't judge the distance to the ground well and I landed face first on the sidewalk, luckily my hands broke my fall.  As I lay there the K-9 officer, who lives just down the street (we all know him well) drove by and turned around. He pulled up and said, like he couldn't believe what he just saw, "Did she just fall?" 

I have no idea how our friend replied with a straight face when she said, "There's nothing to see here, just keep moving."  He responded by asking while trying not to laugh, "Are you sure you don't need an ambulance?"

After he drove off we continued to hang out for a bit, what no one could see was my hands tucked behind my back, I could feel the blood dripping from my palms which were completely shredded. Even I could not stop laughing at this one, to this day I think about it and burst into hysterics.  I can only imagine how this must have looked.

I was in fact grateful for three things here, the thudding of my body hitting the ground stopped my son in his tracks as he turned to see what the noise was.  That it was my hands that were bleeding and not my face.  And that I found a man to marry me who thinks these things I do are adorable and he will still admit to knowing me in public.  Since my son was still in training pants and diapers, it was a bit of a challenge for a couple of weeks but I got through.

The funniest thing is when I asked my husband why he wasn't more concerned about our son running towards the road he said, "He really wasn't getting that close, he was stopping before he got too far."  Maybe it wasn't just my new glasses skewing my vision but also the way I view potential danger through my "Mommy Eyes".

About a week after this happened I woke up at midnight with a terrible throbbing in my left lower abdomen.  I had myself convinced that I picked up a bacterial infection from my open wounds and was now going to die.  Turns out I had an ovarian cyst that popped, probably shaken up by the trauma, LOL!

If you have any "Mommy Moments" PLEASE share, we would love to hear them!


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