Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Nauseating "Mommy Moment"

When my daughter Gigi was about a year and a half old we decided to get her a dog.  We picked our three month old puppy up the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving weekend I found out I was pregnant with our second baby!  Of course 18 month old, new puppy and baby on the way equals FUN!

I was working part time and when I wasn't home my father in law was watching my daughter and new pup, it was a good set up. Holly came from Puerto Rico where it was nice and warm, she wasn't crazy about squatting on the cold ground or being in the frosty air in general.  So in order to get her to go potty outside once, sometimes meant taking her out a dozen times. 

This particular day it was really cold and Holly just wouldn't go potty for me.  It was getting time for my husband to come home and for me to start dinner.  I was in the kitchen when I heard Gigi saying "Pee, pee, pee!"  I thought "Oh no, the dog just peed on the floor!"  So I ran to the back of the house to check it out.  Turns out Holly had pooped on the carpet! 

Did I mention I was still in my first trimester and super nauseous.  I had to pick up the mess, so I went to work, gagging the entire time.  I tried so hard not to throw up because I didn't want to have to clean that up too!  So now my husband walks through the door, arms still full of lunch box and work stuff. Gigi looks up at him saying "Pee, pee, pee!"  The puppy is running around and I have my head in the sink dry heaving.  He starts laughing and says, "Well, this is a lovely scene to come home to."

After I was able to pull my head out of the sink, I shot him a look, you know the kind where if it could have hurt him it might have.  I told him he could get the carpet cleaner out and take care of the floor while I finished dinner. 

This is something I still laugh about today, definitely one of those not so funny while I was in it but totally hysterical looking back.  I'm actually grateful for things like this because the time you get with your kids when they are little goes by so fast, it can be hard to remember all the details.  Things like this give me a memory to hold onto, something to help me return to those precious times and laugh. 

If you have any great moments like this, please share!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a horrendous moment. Glad to know you pulled through it and can laugh about it now.

    1. It's amazing how funny things can be. after the fact lol!

  2. Seana,

    You always make me laugh! And...think.I love your comment about how these "awful at the time" moments give us a detailed memory to hold onto. What a great way of looking at it! Yes it was awful at the time, but now it makes you laugh, and I"m sure that even as you remember the horror of Gigi shouting "Pee Pee!" and that it meant, you will then also remember how small and cute she was...the sound of her little voice...the baby that was growing inside you. Those are wonderful memories that all come flooding back along with the memory of such a tough moment.

    Love you!!

  3. T, you are exactly right, I can picture my little Gigi and how cute she was at that age.


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