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Happy Halloween!

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     Good Day our blogging friends and followers! I am writing this post on Monday and scheduling it to go up on Wednesday (Halloween!) which is my regular posting day. My hope is that we will still have power then, but that remains to be seen. Today we are feeling the first effects, here in New England, of Hurricane Sandy. You can be sure that on Wednesday, when this post goes live, our thoughts and prayers will be with any and all who have been affected negatively by the storm--although I hope they will be few!

     If you are fortunate enough to have power on this day and to go Trick-or-Treating as planned, I hope you have tons of fun!! I thought in the spirit of good Halloween (and the coming election time of year) we might offer up a little poll, all in good fun of course. :)

     I always struggle during any holiday with the issue of CANDY. It seems that there isn't an American holiday out there these days that doesn't in some focus in a...let's be honest...kind of major way, on candy.

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If I have candy in the house I am sure to eat it, sometimes to excess. If we have candy in the house my children are sure to beg for it often until it is gone. And yes, I know, it's so fun...but it can be sooo baaad for you (soap box...sorry!) My kids are like fiends when it comes to candy, maybe because I don't really give it to them the rest of the year, I don't know. Several years ago, fed up with the months of dolling out Halloween candy in small increments and listening to my children moan and groan for a sweet taste like drug-addicts I came up with a new plan. Sometimes I'd solve this by sending a bunch of the candy to work with Dad, but that didn't seem totally fair since it was the kids who'd trudged through soggy leaves and cold October New England wind to collect the stuff. So "the plan" came into play.

     This plan in some ways is shameful to me as an earthy-crunchy-natural-food-lovin' kinda gal, but it has seemed to work and as helped the children learn self-regulation. What I do is come home from Trick-or-Treating, dump all the candy into a big ol' pile; then we sort by type (this is educational, yes?) and I check every single piece for tampering. Now this is where the kids' fun begins: I just let 'em have at it! That's right, I let them gobble, much, crunch, chew, and nom nom nom on as much candy as they want until they decide they've had their fill. The first time we did this I wasn't sure that it was such a good idea, the frenzy was remarkable and quite a bit was gone when they were done. They quickly settled into a "food coma" when they were through. The advantage was that they didn't have much left to beg for over the coming days and weeks. No one got sick either.

     In the following years, however, they have learned what their limits are and I have been pleased to find that mostly they desire only a couple of pieces before they decide to stop themselves and give their bellies a break before they feel queasy. The rest of the candy goes into container in our fridge (so it doesn't get yicky) and there is sits for quite awhile. Every few days when all the kids have been good about finishing their meals we'll divvy out one or two pieces as dessert, but the frenzy of their preschool years has seemed to die down.

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     Maybe I'm just the mean old Candy Witch, light of my afore-mentioned anti-candy (for the most part) mind-set, I also struggle with how I will play my part in the candy-giving portion of the holiday, will I be the house that gets shunned and passed over once word gets out that I'm only giving out pretzels and raisins? All this to set a good example and in my small way try to change the candy industries power over the holidays (can one person truly make a difference? Lol.) Or will I step down from my soap box and join in the fun, handing out candy corn and chocolate instead? I'll tell you, I've done both. What I want to know is how do you handle these struggles? Do you even struggle with this stuff at all? Am I a total wacko? (Please don't answer that last one, I'm not sure I want to know.) So, I've temporarily placed two polls in our sidebar, just for fun, to find out where everyone stands. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween
and through Hurricane Sandy!

Tamar & The Ladies

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  1. I really like how you take a stance on something and you stick behind it. You believe what you believe and that's great! Who cares if you're passing out raisins!? I happen to love them.

    tiana of l'esthetique


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