Monday, October 29, 2012

Ladies in the Know - Nicole Buckingham from Local Sugar Hawaii

  • The Ladies in the Know series presents women who’ve probed their awareness, identified important aspects of their lives that demanded attention and took action to uplift themselves through connecting to their inner wisdom and following it.

  • They are writers, athletes, cooks, healers, mothers, musicians, designers and more. They’ve shared what they’ve learned thereby making an impact on the lives of many women the world over.

  • We admire their strength and courage, their intelligence and contribution to our lives. We seek to know how their vision came about and how they manifested their dreams. We wish to be closer to their nexus of empowerment.

  • At the end of the day when our heroes take off their capes, they are people just like us. And lest we forget that we too have the capacity to reach great heights, I’ve asked these Ladies in the Know to record their first thoughts, in brief, to ten questions, as a mini-interview of sorts, for both insight and for fun. 

This month we bring you Nicole Buckingham from Local Sugar Hawaii and the creator and design genius behind Funk{e} an upcycled and smart line of accessories available here. Nicole has one of those spirits that illuminates everyone and everything she touches. When I read her blog and see the inspired work she does, I feel like a little light shines on  me and I want to shine a little brighter myself. Nicole's a mama, a writer, an entrepreneur and a designer. She's generous and creative and here is what she has to say...

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The sun and my two sons-- they are consistent those three always rising first thing in the morn. nudging me awake... as if life and the new day were the greatest thing since, well... ever.

What is your daydream destination?

Oh, Boston, dear sweet Boston. When my island mind wanders it goes there and slowly wonders in and out of every cobblestone paved alley.

What would you tell your teenage/younger self if you could?

This is a moment... live it, be in it, feel it from the inside out and then move on.

What would you remind your elderly/future self if you could?

This is a moment... live it, be in it, feel it from the inside out and then move on.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Seriously? Just one great flop? I have oh so very many.
The moments when I fail to speak out honestly against an injustice. Oh those moments have, since I was the very littlest of little girls, always had a way of bruising not just my ego but my soul more than any other.

What is your proudest moment?

These two boys of mine, somehow with the living that they do they seem to encapsulate these amazing little moments and how lucky am I to be able to stand by proud that these little men are mine.

What is your favorite food/item to prepare?

Christmas cookies, if you please.

What is your favorite word?

Diphthong. Tell me you don't just feel better saying THAT out loud. (And then say it ten more times, 10x as good, right?!)

What is your favorite hobby/activity?

I love to write and read and think and dream...

Please share one bit of inspiration, insight or wisdom with women…

Life is a series of moments... live them, be in them, feel them from the inside out and then move on.

Bonus: Only answer if you’d like: Is there a Lady in the Know you’d like to share with us, a woman who has influenced you in a positive way? If so, who and how?

In a sea of blogs about "what one had for dinner" and "who one saw on the streets of NYC" or "what one wore for just the two seconds it took to pull out the camera and snap a pretty picture", which are all bloggy things I LOVE reading about, really I do, well, there is this blog that shines. When I was just learning what blogs were and was trying to determine if blogging was for me, well, this one in particular had me believing I could, would, should blog-- or at least do something more productive with these moments in my life. If you haven't already, I'd love for you to meet Ashley of The Shine Project.

You can find Nicole at her blog:
Thank you Nicole for sitting down with us in this virtual world and bringing with you sand, sunshine and a whole lotta sweetness.

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  1. Anytime you are in need of a little island sand, I'm your girl. 'seems I carry that sands everywhere my little flippity flops go. Thank you all for such a sweet feature and for being such a sweet voice for women today. How lucky we are to have you.


  2. Nicole's writing is so simple, strong and piercing.

    It was such a joyful surprise to read that you selected her.

    Although she mentioned her two little men in her life, if you read her blog, you'll see she's got one pretty terrific husband, too.

    1. She is just one of those rare people- I feel so lucky to have encountered her and her blog!


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