Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking Back At Past "Mommy Moments"

Recently we unearthed the archive of video tapes from when our kids were babies, our children LOVE to watch themselves as little ones.  Gigi loves to hear her squeaky little voice and constant chatter.  Jack loves to see what silly and cute things he was doing back then.  Both my husband and I found it hard to get anything done while these were playing, we were absolutely mesmerized. 

It can be really hard to remember those good ole days.  With all the sleep deprivation, exhausting days of play groups, breast feeding, diaper changing,  temper tantrums, endless piles of laundry, you know what I'm saying.  While watching I noticed a few things.  1.) I didn't remember filming any of the footage, apparently I used to film the kids quite a bit while my husband was at work.  2.) My house was actually much cleaner than I remember it being.  3.) When my son was about 3 months old my daughter started picking on him, purposely annoying him and trying to steal attention from him. 4.) I was actually calmer and had it more together than I remember.

Funny or not so funny I found myself always saying, "Gigi, leave your brother alone."  Of course I still had such a sweet voice while saying it back then, as if I had all the patience in the world and I was living in the  world of sunshine and unicorns.  Like I thought, If I said it enough she would listen or maybe grow out of it.  I miss those days of believing it would get better, as I'm still saying it to her, more loudly now though and she obviously has no plans of listening or growing out of it any time soon. 

Those videos are a good reminder to me that there were plenty of times when I wasn't yelling. When I simply enjoyed watching my daughter dance around like a princess for half an hour. Or my son just toss his toys off his walker and handing them back to him.  A good reminder that there is a different kind of mommy inside of me, the one that I like to be.  The one that's full of hugs and laughter and just loves watching her kids grow into their own little people. 

Anyway...... as I go through my days now I'm going to hold the memory of that mommy close and try to bring her back to life.  Because when I look back at this time in our lives I would like to have some warm memories to hold onto to get me through the next stretch.

If you have any "Mommy Moments" you would like to share please do, just send us an email.  ladiesholiday(@)gmail.(com)  Just remove the parentheses when typing in the address.

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  1. It is hard! I got in the habit of writing down the quirks of my first child and love to tell her about what a silly girl she was! Parenting is bittersweet! It is hard to let them go and watch them change, but exciting to watch them become who they are:)

  2. Loressa, what a great idea! My kids absolutely love it when I tell them about when they were small. It's a really special thing for them, like there is this other little part of them they didn't even know about.

  3. We didn't take any video but we do have bunches of photos and I tried to remember various funny sayings my kids used. Currently my favorite is my 3 year old calling her pony tail her bony tail.

  4. What an interesting question for all of us. What would we see if we could go back in time? Personally, I'd love to see myself back then too. I think most of us would probably be pleasantly surprised to see calmer versions of ourselves just like you. It's funny how emotion can distort our memories...I'm so glad you got to feel good about your mothering back then.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

    1. Hey Leslie! It's so true, the way we feel about a situation and the way it really is can be soooo different. Thanks for stopping by.


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