Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Mommy Moment" Kids Say The Darndest Things

Don't you just love that kids say whatever comes into their little minds.  They never worry that what they are saying might be incorrect or inappropriate.  They just think it and say it.  Sometimes this can result in extreme embarrassment for the parents or hopefully a good laugh. 

One day when my son was about four my family and I were returning home from a walk with our dog.  We spotted our neighbor on his front lawn with his dog and had to stop.  Our dog Holly who is a little black lab mix and Cooper who was an English Bulldog, loved each other from the moment they first met.  So when ever there was a chance we had to let them say "Hi". 

My son who is very observant and just says whatever is on his mind, took this opportunity to notice the difference between Holly and Cooper.  Holly of course is a girl and Cooper of course was a boy.  Since Cooper was very low to the ground, Jack bent himself way over to peer underneath him and shouted out, "Look Mommy, Cooper has air bags!"  He said this with such enthusiasm, like he had just made a great scientific discovery.

Firstly I would just like to ask, why is it they always start out with "Look MOMMY!"  Why do they always ask US to look?  If you hear these words just be warned that what comes out next could be trouble, LOL! Thankfully our neighbor is a guy with a great sense of humor.  My husband, neighbor and I all tried so hard to stifle our laughter, we couldn't even look at each other.  My daughter who was six, didn't quite get what was so funny, she just thought her brother had stated a matter of fact. 

The funny thing is this is one of the reasons my husband insisted on getting female dogs.  He didn't want the kids to see anything inappropriate.  LOL!  I think he just doesn't like explaining these sorts of things to them, it makes him very uncomfortable.

So for awhile my son walked around thinking boys had air bags.  By the time he really needs to know what they are we will make sure he has the proper information.  But for now it's just one of those super cute things that make us laugh when we think about it.

This is dedicated to Cooper who we lost last October.  We have many great memories of him and we were so saddned by his loss.  Sam also discovered that Cooper liked to try and "Hug" Holly from behind whenever they were together. We will never forget you buddy!

Please share any adorable or embarrassing things your kids have said or done in public.


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