Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Mommy Moments--Reminders

 Several weeks ago I was talking to my mom on the phone, our somewhat complicated relationship is another post LOL!  But anyway she mentioned that she was making me a wall hanging.  It is of a little girl with long dark hair (like me) on a beach (LOVE the ocean, always have) with a line of starfish that she is tossing back into the sea.  She asked me if I ever heard this story and I said I hadn't.

Once there was a little girl on the beach, an endless line of starfish stretched out before her.  She was tossing one back in the water when a man walked by and asked her what she was doing.  She said that she was saving the starfish.  He looked at all that were waiting to go back and said "You will never make a difference, there's just too many."  She threw another one in and replied, "I made a difference to that one."

I burst into tears, this meant my mother actually knew and remembered something special about me.  She reminded me that even as a child I wanted to save the world.  Though the amount of saving that needed to be done often overwhelmed me, I never stopped trying.    

It got me thinking about all the special things my children may have forgotten about themselves, or that maybe they don't even see.  Or what have I forgotten about them?  It's easy to lose sight of these things in the day to day rush to get to school and evening activities. What beautiful parts of their little spirits can I remind them and myself about?

Like Gigi and her love of performing, it scares her but she doesn't let the fear stop her from doing it anyway.  Every time I see her on a stage I get all choked up.  How my Jack is such a little love bug and each time he calls out "Mama, I love you!" It never fails to warm my heart.   

Here's to slowing down just a little and taking time to notice the special things about yourself and your family.  I think it's important to notice these gifts, to help nurture and grow them. We all have them, they are there we just have to slow down, take a deep breath and open our eyes. 


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