Sunday, October 28, 2012

Veggie Patch

You don't have to be vegetarian to celebrate National Vegetarian Awareness month. Simply trading out one meal for wholesome veggie goodness such as that found in Veggie Patch products is a great way to show your support. You can also feel good about Veggie Patch products because they are made from real vegetables and are free of trans-fats, MSG and genetically engineered ingredients.

When I made the switch to vegetarian, as a teen, I endured countless occasions when my family plied me with meat, tried to sneak it into meals and questioned my resolve. Nineteen years later I'm still going strong and although I haven't gotten my meat and potatoes Dad to see my point of view, my husband enjoys his mostly meatless meals and is what might be called a flexitarian...veggie most of the time, but not overly strict.

When I whip out a freshly cooked batch of Veggie Patch nuggets my whole family rushes to the table. Our favorite are the Broccoli Bites and the Spinach Nuggets. They are crunchy and crisp on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside.

Whether your family is vegetarian, flexitarian or just wants to try something new in support of National Vegetarian Awareness month or any time you can visit Veggie Patch for loads of recipe ideas, fun for kids and nutritional information. The recipe ideas include ways to incorporate items like the Falafel Balls into a meal. The Meatballs are pretty much a no-brainer, spaghetti anyone?

What I also love about Veggie Patch products is they are easy to prepare in a pinch and since the veggies are already incorporated, you don't have to do any stealth pureeing and sneaking to get the nutrition into your kids (or husbands.)

Do you have any favorite Veggie Patch products, ways to serve them or hints and tips? Please join the conversation by commenting below.
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  1. I love the fallafel balls, my 1 yr old Violet fell in love with them when she was about 9 months old, couldn't get enough. I loved knowing that she was gettinf a ton of veggie protien and nutrients in every tasty bite!


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