Thursday, October 11, 2012

We are the Makers of Pearls


There's this gal named Nicole, who I've only ever met in an exchange of emails and words on a blog, but I happen to be totally sure she has the biggest heart and gives the warmest hugs.
How do I know this?
Because for every Funk{e} cowl neck scarf purchased between 10/10/12 and 11/11/12 Nicole will donate one to women in recovery at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu.
In her own words:
"I wanted to do something for women who are fighting cancer as a sign of support and solidarity with them and I began to think about a way of honoring their struggle and of being "useful" as a supporter and so I designed a very simple cowl neck scarf using funk{e}'s signature "upcycled t-shirt".
The scarf is designed to be worn, like every funk{e} scarf, long or short or anyway you like, but it is also made to function as a head wrap so as not to just be beautiful and uplifting, but also useful. Each scarf will come with a fresh water pearl dangle. As a pearl is made when a less than desirable element enters an oyster and it works to make it bearable, so "we are the makers of pearls," taking less than desirable, and sometimes painfully ugly, elements that might enter our life and shaping them into something bearable and often beautiful. The We Are The Makers of Pearls" campaign is definitely my way of reaching out to women fighting cancer, but it is also a celebration of ALL women in those moments when we choose to be strong and shape our circumstances."
In recent memory I haven't read or heard uttered aloud something so powerfully aimed directly at the heart. In this way, we at Ladies Holiday, unite our hearts with Nicole's and thereby women worldwide who make pearls out of the difficulties they experience.  
A grain of sand fell hard upon her,
"This will change you", they said.
And she let their words froth around her
As she set about doing the only thing she knew to do.
And, pouring her soul over the hardness she shaped it
Until it was transformed.
-Nicole Buckingham

Source: via Ladies on Pinterest
The Details:
The campaign runs from 10-10 to 11-11- 2012.
For every funk{e} scarf purchased one, a cowl neck w/ pearl, will be donated to Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu.
For free shipping during this campaign enter code: WE2012 
For more savings, additional giveaways please check Facebook.
Thank you to Nicole for giving us the opportunity to share this with all of you,
Deirdre & The Ladies Holiday Team

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